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USB Drives Medical
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USB Drives Medical


With USB drive bracelets, pens, and other devices you'll have your medical data in close range at all times!

Here at we are perfectly placed to understand the full scope of USB drives. While most people think of USB drives primarily as a way to transfer data between computers, our years of experience have enabled us to see the full potential of the diminutive drive including USB drives medical uses.

One of the most important uses for our USB drives are in the medical sector. In the past, the only practical way a person could carry important information around with them at all times was via medical ID tags or bracelets. Their use was strictly limited by size and while they could highlight one or two important facts, they were little help in providing any detail to a medical practitioner.
USB Drives Medical is proud to supply USB drives medical professionals are happy to recommend to their patients. These drives can be branded with the name of a hospital or with a doctor’s name and can be comfortably worn around the neck, as a bracelet or kept as a pen if you're so inclined. The great advantage to our medical USB drives is the sheer volume of information they can hold. Now instead of the briefest possible facts, the drives can contain:
  • Hundreds of files
  • An entire medical history
  • List of allergies and vitally important information
  • Contact details for friends and family
  • Details of each patient's doctor with contact numbers

The drives can contain such a high level of comprehensive medical information that they could actually make the difference between life and death. Even in less extreme cases, they can speed up treatment by allowing medical experts to access your information quickly and efficiently. This time saved can give ambulance crews and emergency teams vital information when they need it, thus enabling them to treat patients in the quickest and most appropriate manner.

Our medical USB drives themselves are housed in durable hard cases that protect the information and because almost all computers have USB ports, they are a near-universal solution to carrying your medical history with you everywhere you go.

They are also perfect to store any additional personal information that a patient may want for security reasons. We can even upload the data for you, so you don’t have to worry about the process. Each and every one of our USB drives medical professionals should be happy to recommend because they have the highest level of security available to fit your needs. offers reductions on bulk orders so you can benefit even further by ordering in stock for your medical practice. Think of the reaction your patients will have when they receive a branded USB drive with their vital information on it. They're sure to stay a patient for years to come.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of our medical USB drives is that they offer a high level of peace of mind to your patients. We all hope that nothing serious will happen to us, but being prepared is half the battle. Each patient will be confident in the knowledge that they are carrying all the information they need.

By supplying your patients with medical drives, you will be offering both peace of mind and the practical ability to access medical records when and where they are needed.

Contact us today and learn just how USB drives medical uses can be applied in your medical practice! 877-442-7465


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