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Imprinted Flash Drives
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Custom Imprinted USB Drives


The custom printed flash drive can make all the difference in business, marking the distinction between repeat orders and a lost customer. That's why, at, we understand that sometimes to give your business that extra edge, you need a  customized giveaway, for which our imprinted USB drives are perfect. And with our drives as low as $5 a piece, adding that personal touch will boost your marketing strategy, without affecting your bottom line.

All of our uniquely branded flash drives come with a lifetime warranty. By offering our customers the ability to buy imprinted flash drives, we are helping them stand apart from their competitors, while also ensuring they have a product that works all the time, every time. Creating custom printed USB drives turns the devices into marketing pieces that may be remembered for a lifetime.
Imprinted Flash Drives
Not only do we supply drives in a wide range of colors and sizes, but we can imprint flash drives with your business logo,an individual's name, and design a shape that is customized for your brand and industry. Our imprinted USB flash drives make great gifts, as well as a way to remind customers who have not contacted you in a while -- that you're still there.

We offer many options for imprinted flash drives. You can:

  • Brand flash drives with your company's logo or your own personal name
  • Choose a range of popular options that can act as great gifts
  • Customize the shape of your device to fit your company's brand and/or industry
  • Choose to utilize one of our pen drives, bracelet drives, or even design your own shape to have imprinted with your logo
  • Worry less knowing your imprinted USB flash drives have a lifetime warranty

An imprinted USB drive is a simple, yet extremely effective, way to further brand your company -- or even yourself. Most businesses give out simple pens,calendars, coffee mugs, and so on. These have a limited practicality and, more often than not, they are destined to gather dust in a forgotten corner of the office, or end up being tossed out altogether. With a useful, interesting, and creative USB drive imprinted with your logo, you're providing a much more practical option than traditional giveaways that see little practical use.

Prospective customers can use your branded memory sticks on a daily basis and, every time they do so, they'll see your name and contact details. They will begin to associate you with the kind of business that understands its customers' needs and will appreciate that they don't have to find a home for another boring coffee mug.

Imprinted flash drives make superb tools for your next business presentation. Preloading your drive with sales material, information, or even copies of your presentation to hand out to attendees is great for branding and marketing. This is particularly powerful when the presentation has included speakers from different companies. When the potential client gets back to the office, it's not hard to guess who will stand out from the pile of notes and creased printouts.

However you choose to have your imprinted flash drives designed, you will be able to rest easy, knowing that you have given your business that all-important personalized and unique edge.


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