In an era of elevated environmental awareness your business has an opportunity to convey a different sense of responsibility in its operations. Loading your marketing materials on a green USB drive reduces waste, and custom USB drives fitted in wooden enclosures utilize less plastic and synthesized raw material.

Show your clients and employees that you are committed to decreasing your company’s carbon footprint by using a USB drive to send files instead of printing them on paper. Go one step further, and spruce up the gesture by choosing an option that requires less synthetic plastic.

After all, the most advanced companies integrate green practices into their business that not only help the earth but their bottom line as well. Distributing custom USB drives internally serves as a practical, cost-saving solution to an environmentally challenging problem.

By providing your employees individually with personalized flash drives, you can begin cultivating an environment of paperless data transfer which provides dividends well beyond the next copier break-down.

PrintUSB offers an Eco friendly line of sustainable wood and bamboo USB drives. The green USB drives not only look great, but show your commitment to the environment and a healthy, sustainable corporate initiative. Whether you choose wood USB or bamboo USB, your employees will love the statement they make!

Green USB Drive